The Kashmir Region of Asia has its own Special Cuisine Called Wazwan where the Rogan Josh Originated

Most notable is the use of mutton in Kashmiri cuisine – Wazwan – along side their dum aloo (a spicy dish of boiled potatoes) thus, the following recipe is a simplified “Lamb Rogan Josh” now so familiar in the west!     Ingredients:   Roasted leg of lamb Curry powder Tomato puree Tinned tomatoes Onion Rice […]

The Importance of Beer in American Society

What do baseball, football, buffalo wings, first dates, college and poker all have in common? Beer. Beer plays a huge role in American society and in the day to day lives of many Americans. Americans love their beer. Beer is not just another alcoholic beverage, it is a part of our culture. Who wants to […]

The History of Chai

Chai is generically known as ‘tea’ in most parts of the world and comes from the Hindi word of the same name. In the Western world (particularly the United States), “chai” means “masala chai” – tea brewed with aromatic spices and added with milk and sugar to turn it into something sweet and comforting a […]

The Difference between Lemons and Citron

Citron is a large, fragrant, and very ancient, member of the citrus family believed to be native to Southeast Asia. Unlike lemons and limes, the most usable component of citron is usually the flavedo, or outermost yellow layer of the rind which is highly prized for its fragrance. The inner rind, or white fleshy pith, […]

The fermentation lock: A small but essential piece of wine-making equipment

A fermentation lock is an inexpensive but essential item for anyone making wine at home. Fermentation is the process by which yeast breaks down sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide. It begins at the primary fermentation stage, when grapes or other fruits are mixed with sugar and yeast in a large container. After a week […]

The Difference between a Good Restaurant and a Bad one

Whether a restaurant is good or bad is in the eye of the beholder. Quality of food, standard of service, the view, wine selection and cleanliness all contribute to one’s perception of whether a restaurant is good or bad; however, while a restaurant can be one person’s favorite of all time, the same place will […]

The facts about green tea benefits

Research can be fiction as we all know. We weren’t their when the studies were made so how can anybody know for sure? Well it has been proven IF you eliminate all sugar from your diet, that is bad sugar, then you will have faster results. Soda and caffeine drinks such as coffee contain what […]

The Crown Inn offers a good dining experience

I live near a part of North London that is not really known for anything much except that it’s a bit rough and going out alone after 10 p.m, is not really a good idea. However, I’ve become very fond of it over the last couple of years and am delighted to be able to […]

The Eastern European pastry Known as Potica

Potica, also known as Povitica, is traditional Slovenian bread made in both sweet and savory varieties. The history of Potica is fascinating.  The word used comes from a Slovenian word meaning “to wrap in”  It is a traditional Christmas and Easter dish and the first reported mention of it was in the year 1575. This is […]

The Classic Mojito

The Mojito is arguably the world’s most famous cocktail, and regularly appears on the list of most requested mixed drinks from countries all around the globe. The name itself seems to conjure up images of dusty Caribbean beaches with the sun shining down, and many people do enjoy the drink as they take in the […]